Fjord Control

The solution continually transmits information about status and any unexpected events. Meaning any necessary corrections can be performed remotely and in real time, thereby securing maximal uptime for any type of vessel.

FJORD CONTROL – one platform

The digital system logs, calculates and presents operating data from any type of fleet. We have “eyes” on all our installations 24/7 and can troubleshoot, fix, and update software and diesel generators etc. Digitization of operational data is essential to optimize operations and further reduce energy consumption. Using artificial intelligence (AI technology), we will work to reduce consumption even more. We collect large amounts of data and will use algorithms to further optimize the technology.

This is Fjord Control

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Remote operation of the micro grid or vessel
  • Remote software updates
  • Reports function
  • Service and maintenance

What does FJORD CONTROL cover?

  • One platform for monitoring all kinds of vessels
  • Common database for all data, error messages and status
  • Possibility of statistics and reporting for all locations together
  • Live alerts in case of problems or errors
  • Securing uptime, exchange information on errors and solutions


Fjord Hybrid reduces fuel consumption in fish farms by up to 60 per cent.