In June 2019, Egil Kristoffersen and Sønner got the FJORD HYBRID® system installed

Firda Sjøfarmer

In February, Firda Sjøfarmer installed FJORD HYBRID® at its new site, Storlia.

FJORD HYBRID® aims to reduce the use of the diesel generator by up to 90%.

“Before we got fish in the sea, we had battery power on the plant for 27 hours before the diesel generator had to start. It seems very promising for further operation, says Lina Braanaas Utne from Firda Sjøfarmer. It will be interesting to see the distribution between the use of diesel generator, battery, and the savings we achieve when the site comes into full production.”

Now the site is at full production and all the feeding lines are used. The achieved result is that FJORD HYBRID® has reduced the running time of the diesel generator by 80%.

E.Karstensen Fiskeoppdrett og Marø Havbruk

20 hours a day on battery

FJORD HYBRID® uses the spare capacity left on the generator to charge the batteries while the generator feeds the rest of the barge with electricity. When the batteries are fully charged, the generator stops and FJORD HYBRID® operates the system and the grid is solely run on batteries.

FJORD HYBRID® has reduced the running time of the diesel generator from 24 hours to 4 hours per day. The micro grid is run on batteries 20 hours a day.

This is a good business for the fish farmer and the environment.

Demand for FJORD HYBRID® is high and our customers are located along the entire coast, from south to north.

The feedback we receive from our customers is that we have a system solution, knowledge, and project implementation that are clearly different from our competitors. It is not only the product FJORD HYBRID®, but the entire project execution from start to finish.

FJORD HYBRID® has a design and a philosophy that always give the end customer the maximum number of kW. per litre of diesel, regardless of the period of production. This would not have been possible without choosing a marine-approved battery that is actively balancing. It is only in this way that the customer avoids low-load running on the diesel generator and takes the first step towards renewable energy production. We have standardized the size of the energy storage system and produce the FJORD HYBRID® in series. Each system undergoes complete system testing before delivery to the customer. This is how we ensure the quality of the entire delivery as well as efficient integration with existing and new plants.

Here are just a few of our customers