Fjord Maritime

Specialists on energy-solutions in Aquaculture

In 2016 our 3 founders established the company Fjord Maritime. Since then the ambiton of taking charge of the green transition has been our goal. Our hybrid solution comes through our customer-driven inovation with the purpose of reducing CO2-emissions. We are well established in Norway with hybrid’s installed from north till south, and we are also entering the UK and Canadian market.

Our solution

FJORD HYBRID® is a standardized system delivery that give our customers maximum kWh per. litre of diesel and as fast payback time as possible per. Project. We have standardized the size of the energy storage system and have a serial production of FJORD HYBRID®. Each system undergoes complete system testing before being delivered to the customer. By standardizing the system we have the opportunity to optimize the system remote, and it also opens the doors for different sources of energy, from wind to solar panels.

The Fjord Hybrid solution is monitored and potentially operated remotely through Fjord Maritime’s Fjord Control system. The solution continually transmits information about status and any unexpected events, meaning any necessary corrections can be performed remotely and in real time, thereby securing maximal uptime.

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Where are we now

As of now we have deliverd and installed FJORD HYBRID® along the whole coast-line of Norway, in the Orkney Islands and we are going to deliver in Canada. With that in mind, we have our HQ in Bergen where we started, we have a office in Austevoll and we are opening a office in Fort William, Scotland. With the growth we are experiencing it’s important to us to be close to our customers.

Who are we

Fjord Maritime consists of over 30 dedicated employees. Our strength as a company comes from every one of our employees, with there knowledge, experience and will to work against the same goal. To find the most competent and solid people has been a focus since the start, we trouly believe that’s one of the most important parts of building a great company.

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